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SISTAR Music Video ‘Loving U’ Released

STARSHIP Ent reveal SISTAR Music Video ‘LOVING U’ at June’s 28 2012.

STAR1 summer holiday will be much hapier because SISTAR is comeback~

씨스타 Summer Special Album _ Loving U_Music Video


Album Title : SISTAR Summer Special Album
Title Song : LOVING U
Release : 06.28.2012

Track List
01. Loving U
02. Holiday
03 Push Push_ DJ Rubato Remix
04. 나혼자(Alone)_ Smells Remix
05. Ma Boy_ Smells Remix
06. 니까짓게(How dare you)_ Demicat Remix
07. So Cool _ DJ Rubato Remix

Enjoy the Music Video

Cr: STARSHIP Ent. (Youtube base)

Loving u~


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K.Will Beautifuls Stylist

Who is K.Will Stylist?


On February 17th, girl group SISTAR dropped by the KBS studio to cheer on their labelmate, who made a comeback recently with ”I Hate Myself” and “I Need You“.

SISTAR’s Soyu focused on K.Will’s hair, while Bora did his make-up. Hyorin oversaw the styling and maknae Dasom took over the role of “mother” by giving him a back massage.


Jjoma jjoma ya~!

Ppyong~! ( ^.^ )/*/*


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Boyfriend,Sistar and K.will throphy photo

The 26th Golden Disk Awards were recently held at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome in Japan, where Starship Entertainment‘s SISTAR, K.Will, and Boyfriend walked away with armfuls of trophies.

The family members won the Bonsang and Rookie of the Year awards, and their delight was evident in their bright smiles.

The stars also shared a message with their fans, saying, “To all our fans, thank you so much for always loving us! We love you.”


Jjoma jjoma ya~!

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Bora’s Brother come and meet the G8

SISTAR‘s Bora has revealed her older brother on broadcast for the first time.

During the latest recording of KBS‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, Bora’s older brother made a surprise visit to the set, grabbing the attention of the other G8 members.

The mothers of the other G8 members were present, and at first, Bora thought that hers didn’t make it. Disappointed, she muttered, “I called my mother a little while ago, but she said she was out playing with her friends.”

Moments later, Bora’s mom appeared, surprising her daughter.

Bora and the other G8 members spent the day showing their mothers around the idol village, introducing the barn they had built and the animals they had received.

Bora’s older brother appeared as another ‘surprise guest’, receiving an extra warm welcome from the G8 girls. Bora’s brother came to the ‘Invincible Youth 2′ set to help his mom with driving at night, but ended up meeting the G8 members.

While Bora was introducing her brother to the G8 members, Rainbow‘s Go Woori, who was taken by his good looks, could not hide her fluttering heart – drawing laughter amongst the other members.


Jjoma jjoma ya~!

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Hyolyn Sistar,Seungyeon Kara,Lizzy After School,Sunhwa Secret Candidate for WGM

On January 6th, PD Jun Sung Ho revealed, “We recently completed the first shoot with Seungyeon, Lizzy, Hyorin, Sunhwa, and their male partners. The atmosphere was great, and I think it will be fun for the audience to watch the stories these couples create.”

When asked about the male partners, they revealed, “We cannot reveal that yet. There’s a mix of singers and actors.”

He continued, “The female stars showed a side to them that isn’t normally seen. Seungyeon had unique ideas about dating with a strong feminine side, while Hyorin was cool about everything. Sunhwa was also different from the ‘blank sheet’ character she’s known to be. Lizzy was well-loved by the male stars and worked hard to escape her ‘saturi’ image. Still, she couldn’t help but slip in her country dialect now and then, which was cute.”

The spin-off is the dating version of ‘We Got Married’. The continuation of the show will depend on how the viewers receive it for now.



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