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Super Junior released Sexy, Free & Single Music Video

They are back after almost 1 year~


Cr: SMTOWN (Youtube base)


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“Super Junior The 6th Album ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ Highlight Medley”


Cr: SMTOWN(Youtube base)


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Super Junior reveals Sexy, Free & Single Music Video Teaser


Cr : SMTOWN (Youtube base)

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Super juinor member is on a road again to WGM

Who will be the next Couple WGM

After Kangin and Leeteuk now the other member,who will be the next couple there is a rumor that Sungmin gonna be with Hyolyn Sistar,at KONABEANS yesterday Sora the one who make the blind that for Sungmin.

The Candidate are Sungmin,Eunhyuk,Donghae,Kyuhyun.They have a blind date.

A representative of MBC revealed, “We’re not sure how many new couples are going to be added, but two pairs became a couple from the blind date. We’ll be showing the dating process before they join the show as an official couple.”

The representative continued, “With the addition of these new couples, I think that we will be switching out the original couples as well. The Park So HyunKim Won Joon couple and Lee Jang WooHam Eunjung couple will soon be departing from the show.”

Leeteuk and Kang Sora are also on the departing list since Kang Sora has ‘Dream High 2‘ recordings to focus on, while Leeteuk is preparing for military enlistment this year.

A producer of ‘We Got Married’ stated, “The response towards the current couples aren’t bad at all. We know that adding in a bunch of new couples will be looked on upon badly so we’re going to start right from the beginning and see how it goes from there. The exact time frame of when we’ll be switching out the couples has yet to be decided.”


So Oxys who do you think gonna be the next?

Jjoma jjoma ya~!

the Orange text not from the Allkpop(I just wanna say this because if it’s wrong it’s not Allkpop false,Thank you)


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