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BTOB Showcase in Indonesia

On June 21st, BtoB successfully completed their first showcase in Indonesia!

Held at the grand ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Jakarta, the boys launched their first showcase, ‘BtoB Live in Jakarta‘, to a crowd of fans holding up various support signs written in Korean.

In total, 350 special fans were chosen through a lottery along with 150 industry officials to attend the showcase. Opening with their debut track, “Insane“, the boys amplified the atmosphere by calling up seven lucky fans to the stage to personally teach them the choreography and other couple dances that definitely roused the crowd.

The members expressed, “It’s always on stages like this that we’re able to feel that everything can be delivered and expressed through music and dance. It’s our first visit to Indonesia and it was because of your support and cheers that we were able to earn the strength to complete this stage. We want to open a concert to be with more of our fans as soon as possible.”

BtoB will be completing the rest of their TV schedules before returning home to Korea on June 23rd.

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