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SHINee Sherlock Music Video is Out


Sherlock is out! Music Video inspired About 5 Detective boys

Taemin with his dog

Minho with his Camera

Key with his Flashlight

Onew with his magnifying glass

Jonghyun none i think ^^

Cr: SMTOWN (Youtube) Official SM Entertainment


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SHINee Reveiled Sherlock Teaser

On 18 March 2012

at 22.00 WIB/00.00 KST

SM posted Sherlock Teaser Look from the past picture of teaser Sherlock of each member it’s Topless or else but in the teaser the boys like detective, and from the teaser like someone(girl) is missing,The Model of the Teaser is Jessica(SNSD)

From the teaser the song is so catchy And the effect sound was so good

Cr: SMTOWN (Youtube)


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SNSD Rangkings in

SNSD ranking in Fashion Sense (Latest)

1. Sooyoung

2. Jessica

3. Tiffany


4. Yuri

5. Hyoyeon

6. Taeyeon

7. Sunny

8. Yoona

9. Seohyun

SNSD weight *berat badan* ranking (Latest)

1. Jessica ; 43kg

2. Taeyeon ; 44kg

3. Sunny ; 45kg

4. Sooyoung ; 46kg

5. Hyoyeon ; 46kg

6. Yuri ; 47kg

7. Yoona ; 47kg

8. SeoHyun ; 47kg

9. Tiffany ; 50kg

SNSD Waistline *ukuran pinggang* ranking (Latest)

1. Jessica 21inch

2. Yuri 21inch

3. Sooyoung 23inch

4. Yoona 23.4inch

5. Taeyeon 24inch

6. Seohyun 24.3inch

7. Hyoyeon 24.6inch

8. Sunny 26inch

9. Tiffany 27inch

Cr: DeerYoona [vinnA SONE Indonesia] (Facebook)

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