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K.Will Beautifuls Stylist

Who is K.Will Stylist?


On February 17th, girl group SISTAR dropped by the KBS studio to cheer on their labelmate, who made a comeback recently with ”I Hate Myself” and “I Need You“.

SISTAR’s Soyu focused on K.Will’s hair, while Bora did his make-up. Hyorin oversaw the styling and maknae Dasom took over the role of “mother” by giving him a back massage.


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Miss A Tracklist ‘Touch’ is released

  1. Touch
  2. Lips
  3. Rock n Rule
  4. No Mercy
  5. Over U
  6. Touch (Newport Mix)

That is the Soundtrack that revealed trough Melon

Mel0n also went on to describe each track individually.

“Touch” was written and produced by J.Y. Park. It’s said to be an addictive dance track with lyrics detailing the feelings of a girl who meets a new love after getting hurt in the past.

“Lips” was produced by Fuego (Chris Brown‘s “Turn Up The Music”), and composed by Redd Stylez, Nikki Flores, and Billion Dollar Baby, who have worked with top artists like Usher. The dance track is guaranteed to bring miss A a fresh new style with its addictive melody and fun lyrics about falling in love.

“Rock n Rule” is a pop-electro club track that incorporates elements of dubstep in its bridge. The song will have you up and dancing with its lively melody.

“No Mercy” fuses British rock with the sound of synthesizers, resulting in a sophisticated, yet lively vibe.

“Over U” is a dance track produced by Deepfrost and Billion Dollar Baby, and was dually composed by  Ursula Yancy (who’s worked with artists like Rihanna) and Noday (who’s collaborated with Girls’ Generation and TVXQ).

“Touch (Newport Mix)” is an R&B version of the original title track.


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JYP Revealed ‘Touch’ Miss A song’s Lyric


JYP Revealed a Lyric of MIss A new Song ‘Touch’

On February 18, J.Y. Park posted a line from “Touch” onto his personal Twitter, along with the message: ”Have you seen all four teasers of miss A’s “Touch”? Then I shall reveal one line from the song for you.

The line from “Touch” goes: ”My wounded heart cannot pound anymore. I believed that, but whenever I see you my heart beats…

Netizens responded to his post by saying,, “I really want to hear this song soon”, “The lyrics are so good! Just as expected“, and “It was only one line but it touched me so much“.

miss A will unleash their new song on February 20th.


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