Guerilla Concert by B1A4 Attract many fans at Hongdae

06 Jan

B1A4 Held Guerilla Concert at Hongdae at 4 january 2012.

That time Hongdae was so full with the fans,many of the fan took pic,fancam then upload it to youtube,twitter,facebook,and many more.

B1A4 singing Beautiful target with out BGM and Mic so their voice was so small but they are sang lively,the funny thing is the fanchant was so loud that make B1A4 laugh and smile.They are so happy seeing they have many Fans.

‘Guerilla Concert’ event was specially organized by Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News‘.  The members were divided into several teams as they headed individually towards the event location.  Jin Young and Gongchan were grouped together to ride the subway, while CNU and Baro rode the bus together. Finally Sandeul commuted to the concert alone in a van.

They are just not sang Beautiful target but Ok and Sandeul Solo.

this is the fancam first okay

Wanna look the HD vid,You can check out the concert in full when it airs on ‘Wide Entertainment News’ on the 6t.


Jjoma jjoma ya~!



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